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  • Surgery
  • Vet consultations

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What happens if youcan't afford vet visits?

How quickly the bills for treating a pet illness or injury can grow. Failing to get your pet regular check-ups and proper medical care can lead to severe discomfort or even death of a beloved companion.

Put bluntly, pet care is not going to get any cheaper any time soon and your pets are probably going to need qualified medical attention sooner. Having excellent pet insurance means you’re prepared.

Once you’ve passed the 4 week waiting period, you can start claiming on pet medical expenses. But everyone seems to be selling pet insurance these days, so which one should you go for?

Cover Search™ trawls the internet to find the best insurance deals so you can spend more time and less money enjoying your pets.

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We only have registered and vetted financial service providers in our insurer network.

Cover Search continually works to ensure users are matched with providers that can offer competitive premiums.

We've helped over 5000 South African pet owners offer their dogs and cats a protected lifestyle.

Who is Cover Search?

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Cover Search is a matchmaking service that connects South Africans with trusted providers offering fair and affordable insurance policies. Our network of financial service providers consist strictly of insurers that have been vetted to ensure they are registered and offer optimal care to their members.

Finding insurance quotes should be free and easy, and that’s what Cover Search is all about.

Cover Search is a fast, and free service that matches you with vetted, compliant financial services providers (FSPs).

Cover Search is not an FSP.

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